What is the ‘Day in The Lonely’ Campaign and How Will it Look to Provide Support to Children in Challenging Family Circumstances?

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Loneliness is something that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their life. Whether it’s a fleeting phase coming in tandem with something like changing jobs, or simply an extended passage of time feeling disconnected from those around us for no apparent reason, escaping isolation can sometimes pose a major challenge. The number of individuals reporting feeling lonely skyrocketed during the pandemic years with over 49% of adults stating that they had felt lonely at some point across 2022. Since regulations lifted, this number has gone down somewhat, but is still far higher than anything seen pre-pandemic. While addressing this problem across the board is important, special attention needs to be paid to those underrepresented in the conversation – vulnerable children and teens.


The Focal Role That Family Plays in Combatting Loneliness

Healthy family environments play a key role in the positive development of an individual through their adolescent years. This environment also impacts a range of mental health issues as well as loneliness. Close-knit families with two active parents tend to have children who are less likely to report feelings of isolation with their overall life prospects also frequently being more positive.

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The Work of Childline

According to data released by Childline, there are an average of 15 daily calls made by children struggling with loneliness. The non-profit also reported that they had delivered 5,564 counselling meetings between April 2021 and March 2022. This data reveals that the loneliness figures in children should be a massive source of concern and that there needs to be far greater awareness around the subject to try and combat the issue.

Realising just how much of a pressing issue this is, Childline have recently launched their ‘Day in the Lonely Campaign’. This campaign would look to convey that feelings of loneliness don’t need to last through the medium of day-in-the-life videos inspired by real-life calls that the charity had received. Awareness is very much the focus of this campaign and through educating children about the impacts of loneliness, Childline believe that those suffering will feel better equipped to seek help.


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