Child Contact Arrangements

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If you are reading this, then it is likely that you are experiencing some difficulty in seeing your children. Agreeing child contact arrangements with your ex-partner is the only option available to you other than asking a court to rule on contact arrangements in the form of a court order (link). We can help you to begin discussions into establishing and agreeing child contact arrangements with your ex-partner.


Our successful formula for reaching agreements between parents is unrivalled. We are impartial and therefore are able to help both parents to have difficult discussions about their children. As we always see both parents independently and privately, we are able to gain a balanced view of the dispute. We have often been referred to as the ‘the voice of reason’ and we are proud that this has led to so many positive outcomes.


Mediation is a voluntary process meaning that if we invite someone to meet, they do not have to attend. In these cases, the only alternative is to make an application to the courts, for child contact arrangement order. In order to make an application you will need a family mediator to sign the appropriate form (What is a C100 link + Gov link).

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