Follow these simple steps

If you need to make an application to the courts about child arrangements or to vary an existing court order, then you will need to attend a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting or MIAM (read more) and obtain a signed C100 Form.

  1. Once you have your signed C100 Form, you can complete the rest of the form.
  2. You should make 3 copies of the form and we recommend you keep a master copy, just in case!
  3. Check the current fee for submitting your C100 (Check the latest fees here)
  4. The method for paying court application fees includes cheques and postal orders and you can also pay by credit or debit card. (More information here)
  5. Either post or deliver by hand to your local Family Court (Find your local court here).
  6. You will now have to wait to be contacted by the courts. You will receive acknowledgement and details about your court case reference.

What happens next?

You may also receive your first court appearance date along with the acknowledgement. The other parent will also have received a summons as well as a copy of the C100 application form you submitted. However, before you attend the family court, CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) will normally arrange to contact you about your application and your children. One of their aims is to ensure that children, not known to them or Social Services, are safe and well in the care of both parents.

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