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Helping parents reach agreements on child contact and living arrangements
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Help with reaching agreement on finance and property settlements as part of a divorce or separation
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England's Most Successful Family Mediators

Couples often turn to family mediators after they have separated, normally when issues arise around child arrangements. We are the country’s leading family mediation practice that specialises in child related matters. Our success rate is unrivalled. We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients. ‘Friendly, informative, supportive, impartial, non-judgemental, efficient and low cost’, these are some of the great attributes people associate with the Family Mediation & Counselling Service.

If court action is unavoidable, you will have to attend a MIAM (link). It may not be necessary to have to mediate and this will be determined by you once you have completed a consultation with a family mediator. During your MIAM, you will have the opportunity to ask questions as well understand if family mediation is the best option for you. Your experienced family mediator will help you decide, and where other options are unavailable, your mediator will provide signed evidence that you have considered mediation as a viable option. You may however, decide that mediation could help you and in which case, your family mediator will begin he process and keep you updated at every step in the process.

If you think online family and divorce mediation could help you with your issue or dispute, then you only have to call  one of our highly trained advisors and they will be able to answer your questions and book your MIAM.

Same day appointments through Zoom (and yes, we will help you to log on if you are unsure). We can also offer individual MIAMs on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype, whatever is easiest for you. Call us today for more information or ‘Request a Call Back‘.


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    ONLINE Child Arrangements & Financial Settlement

    When a relationship breaks down, you need to know someone with experience and practice is there to help you. You need guidance, advice and solutions. Our online family mediators are here for you and act immediately to help you to find resolutions to your family disagreements. Help with child related disputes as well as financial matters such as child maintenance, property, savings and pensions is just a quick call away.

    Relationships are complicated at the best of times, but when a partnership or marriage comes to an end, it can become a real struggle to reach agreement on even the simplest of issues.  For many separating couples, life changing decisions will have to be made about where your children will live; what you will do with the family home and how you will support your children financially. Family mediation is the most effective way of helping you both to be able to work through the issues to reach an amicable solution that suits all. It helps discussions to be focussed and with complete impartiality by your family mediator.


    Online Family mediation wins hands-down because:

    • It is a quick and simple process – no red tape or forms to complete.
    • It is the low-cost option, saving you £000’s by comparison with solicitor fees.
    • We offer immediate appointments meaning no waiting, resulting in a quicker resolution.
    • We are the only professionals qualified to sign court application form such as C100, Form A and FM1 forms.
    • Online mediation appointments mean that you never have to meet face-to-face.
    • Online family mediation saves money as there are no travel costs, no childcare costs and no inconvenience.
    • If you are looking for family mediation near you – Our local Family Mediators cover your area.

    We make mediation convenient. Our Online service operates everyday* 9.00am to 9.00pm and we offer same day appointments. 

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    Could you please extend our thanks to Jerry for his time and for being such a wonderful practitioner. If there were more people like Jeremy in the world, it would be a better place.

    Leila B

    Really impressed by the service. I had my appointment the same day as I was desperate to see my son and his mother had stoped me. After the mediation, we were able to find agreement and I now see my boy regularly. Thank you so much

    Sam G

    I never thought I would be able to reach agreement on finances with my ex-husband and thought it would be a long court case. After two meetings, we reached terms and thanks to our mediator, we can now both move on with our lives.

    Helen G

    My relationship with the ex-wife had broken down badly. I loved not having to be in the same room as her as we did it online. It was so much easier and less stressful and we got a great outcome. Thanks guys

    Russel W

    Thank you for helping to sort out child arrangements. The online service was the best.

    Hayley R
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    Need some help? We are here to talk
    Call today 0330 113 0005