You Need a C100 Application Form Signed by a Family Mediator to go to Court

You can get a C100 Application Form signed by a family mediator within hours. Our fast track service can help you make your application quicker and easier.

You will need to complete a C100 Form if you want to make an application to the family court about a child. This form is primarily used by parents and grandparents, when asking the courts to consider granting an order (court order) that can be for contact arrangements (allowing contact with a parent or grandparent, when it may have been denied or restricted).

The C100 Form can also be used for issues such as trying to stop a parent from removing a child from a particular situation (such as moving home, moving school or medical based issues). Whilst it has many uses, many are used in contact arrangement disagreements.

If you think you need a signed C100 then you can contact us for advice on 0330 113 0005.

You Must Attempt Mediation Before You Apply for a Court Order

Courts will only consider your application is a C100 Form application is signed by an accredited family mediator, otherwise it will be either rejected or a request be made to attend a MIAM before they will consider your application. As an accredited family mediation service, we can help you. If you are certain the other party will not mediate or that you may not find agreement, our Fast Track C100 Service. means you could receive your signed C100 form within a few hours.

The reason the courts demand that you attempt mediation is because if you do reach agreement with the other parent, then it is far more likely to be respected by both, rather than the court imposing a ruling that one parent may not like and therefore may break in time. The other reason is that you will not be taking up valuable court time. The courts believe that arrangements for children should be between parents.

Our Fast Track C100 Service is for those who may have been through mediation previously and any agreements that were reached, were not adhered to. It may be that the relationship between you and your ex-partner has broken-down to the extent that you cannot talk to each other or that one parent is simply unwilling to discuss arrangements without a court order in place. The Fast Track C100 Service often means that you can receive your signed C100 form on the same day, by email. Printed versions are also available and will be despatched by Royal Mail on the same day. Call 0330 113 0005 now to book your MIAM or if you have any questions, we are more than happy to advise you.

How Do I Get a Signed C100 Form?

The process is simply. Either call us on 0330 113 0005 or complete a ‘Request a Call Back’ found on this page and we will talk you through the steps. You need to book and pay for a MIAM. Your MIAM can be arranged for your convenience as we offer online appointments between 9am and 7pm weekdays and by appointment on weekends (surcharge will apply). To prepare for your MIAM, you will need to have the contact details for the person, normally your ex-partner and preferably a postal address.

Please call us if you do not this information. Your family mediator will want to understand what has prompted you to mediate. The meeting is strictly confidential and private and will last approximately 45 minutes. If you are using our Fast Track C100 Service, then the likelihood is, you will not be attempting to mediate with the other party, so your family mediator will draft your C100 form and once signed, it will be emailed the same or following day. If you have requested a printed copy, it will be sent in the next available post.




Using our Fast Track Court Form Request Service couldn’t be easier. Call one of our local advisors who will explain the process in more detail and arrange your MIAM. We can offer same day or next day appointments between 9.00am and 10.00pm weekdays or at a time to suit you.

All our Fast Track clients will be seen as a priority and normally within 24 hours of speaking to one of our advisors. If you would like more information, please telephone 0330 113 0005

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