Fast Track C100 Court Form Request

Do You Need a Signed C100 Court Form?

Our Fast Track Court Form Request service is available to those who believe mediation will not result in an agreement. You may have already spoken to your ex-partner about mediation and they may have refused or you may have tried mediation before and could not reach agreement. The Fast Track Court Form Request service is a very quick way of receiving a signed C100 court form.

Using our Fast Track service means, you will still need to undergo a MIAM (Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting)  and this can be arranged either on the same day or next day or at any time to suit you. Appointments are available weekdays between 9.00am and 10.00pm.


What is a C100 Court Form?

A C100 is the form you will need signed by an accredited family mediator if you want to make an application to the courts about arrangements for your children (Click here for a full explanation about the C100). You must attend a MIAM before your family mediator is permitted to sign the forms. Courts reject C100 forms that have not been signed by a family mediator, so it is best to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Typically, parents need to make an application to the courts if they are being stopped from seeing their children or you wish to change the current arrangements and your ex-partner is refusing to agree any new terms. In other cases, a C100 court form is used to restrict the other parent from taking the children out of the country or if you can’t agree about medical or educational decisions, such as changing school.

What to do next

Using our Fast Track Court Form Request Service couldn’t be easier. Call one of our local advisors who will explain the process in more detail and arrange your MIAM. We can offer same day or next day appointments between 9.00am and 10.00pm weekdays or at a time to suit you.

All our Fast Track clients will be seen as a priority and normally within 24 hours of speaking to one of our advisors. If you would like more information, please telephone 0330 113 0005

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