You need a signed C100 to go to court

A C100 is the form reference number used for making an “Application to the courts under section 8 of the Children Act 1989 for a child arrangements, prohibited steps, specific issue order or to vary or discharge or ask permission to make a section 8 order“, it official title.

Simply put, you can ask the court to consider an application that relates to you child or grandchildren. It can be about contact arrangements, especially where you and your ex-partner are unable to agree on how to divide time with either parent. It can also be used to try and stop one parent from doing something, that they believe may not be in the child’s best interest, such as leave the country. It can also be used to ask the court to rule on a specific issue, this could be related to medical decisions or education and religion. It can also be used to vary an existing (court) order or have discharged totally.

For the most part, C100 forms are predominantly used when parents of children cannot agree on contact or living arrangements. A parent must complete the form and briefly explain to the court why they are making an application. Before an application is processed by the Family Court, it expects parents to attempt to mediate with each other to reach agreement together. The hope is that as a result a court application is no longer needed.

How to get your C100 signed

The Courts want you to attempt to mediate with the other parent of your child. In order to do this, you will have to a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting or MIAM for short. The MIAM can be face-to-face or via a video link such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype usually and it takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Following completion of the MIAM, you and your mediator will agree either to invite your ex-partner to mediate with you to try and find a resolution to avoid court or the C100 will be signed-off for you and you can proceed with your application.

A Fast Track Service for issuing signed C100 forms is available to those parents who know that their ex-partners are unwilling to mediate or where their exact whereabouts are unknown.

Fast Track C100 Service

If you are confident that the other parent of your child will not enter into mediation with you, we offer a Fast Track Service with the C100 issued on the same day. You will still be required to attend a MIAM but this can be completed online via a video link. Your C100 will then be issued within 2 hours of your completed MIAM by email. You can also request a printed copy which will be sent by first class post, the same day.

Fast Track Service Online MIAM appointments are available on the same day (guaranteed if you book before 2pm) and for a fixed cost of £150 including your signed C100.

If you want to know more or want to arrange an online appointment, call 0247 590 1061 now for a same appointment.

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