Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting

What is a MIAM?

A MIAM or Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is an individual meeting between you and your mediator.  You must attend a MIAM if you plan to get divorced and you have children between you and your ex-partner and if you own property, investments and other financial interests.  You will be required to show evidence to a court that you have attempted to mediate even if this is unsuccessful.  If this is the case, your mediator will issue a C100 form (For more information Click Here) for you to complete.  Your mediator will sign the form, if your ex-partner refuses to mediate and this will be submitted to the court.

Who should attend a MIAM?

It is likely, you and your ex-partner will have a separate MIAM, especially if you know there will be disagreement over your proposals for a settlement.  Although, it is possible to have a Joint MIAM. A joint MIAM works best when both parties are amicable and have an agreement in principle for their settlement.  In fact, where this is the case, you can expect to complete your mediation very quickly and therefore also keep costs to a minimum.

What Happens at MIAM?

During the MIAM, your mediator will want to gather information about your separation and what you would like to achieve from a settlement.  If you have children with your ex-partner, then the courts demand that you seek mediation as you will need to file a Child Arrangement Order.  You can find out more about Child Arrangement Order – Click Here).  At the meeting, you will find out what information you will need to provide to enable your mediator to prepare any documents ready to present to a solicitor or for completing court forms.

A MIAM normally lasts approximately 1 hour.  The Family Mediation & Counselling Service offers evening and weekend appointments as well as daytime options.

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