Divorce Mediation could save you up to 75% in legal fees

If you are considering divorce or you have already begun, you will need to agree child living arrangements, if you have children and a financial settlement. If you are unable to agree on either or both, then you can either consider seeking the help of a lawyer or you can take the quickest and most cost-effective option of divorce mediation.

For many who choose the legal route through solicitors, they nearly always end up speaking to a family mediator, especially where agreement is not reached. The reason being, is that you will need to attempt mediation, before a court will consider hearing your case. If you are having difficulty reaching agreement over either child living arrangements or finances, then the smart move is to start with divorce mediation, through an accredited family mediator.


Divorce Mediation is Quicker & Less Stressful

Divorce mediation will help you and your ex-spouse to discuss the important issues about where the children live, contact arrangements and financial support. It will also help you to reach agreements about how you divide the assets and liabilities from your marriage. Your divorce mediator will help you to prepare financial statements and gather the supporting documents and statements. They will then discuss the best way to divide these to reach a financial settlement. You may still require the advice from a solicitor, and we would always recommend this.

Your family mediator will help ensure that any discussions you have with your ex-spouse, are balanced and fair. They will ensure they remain focussed on the future, rather than on the past. A divorce mediator, will always remain impartial and will ensure both parties are heard and given equal opportunity to share their opinions, views and proposals.

Divorce mediation will remove the need for lengthy legal battles and save you up to 75% of the cost, as compared to using a solicitor to fight your corner. There will be no need to have to attend court and go through the stress and anxiety of doing this. Divorce mediation will ensure matters are resolved quickly and with a positive outcome.

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