High Net Worth Divorce Mediation

When a relationship or marriage breaks down, it’s often an extremely emotional and difficult time, particularly for high profile individuals with a high net worth. At Family Mediation and Counselling Services, our experienced divorce mediators have years of experience in guiding individuals with significant wealth through all aspects of divorce, giving us all the knowledge to support you through the particular challenges of divorce or separation.

A common misconception that people have about divorce mediation, is that because it is often recommended as a cost-effective alternative to going to court and for deciding on matters relating to child custody. As a result, divorcing partners with high net worth often overlook the use of a divorce mediator. The truth is, divorce mediation provides a wide range of benefits for those with significant wealth and it can be a better way for separating couples to decide on their divorce settlement.

High Net Worth Divorce Mediation

How Can We Help?

We understand that being able to reach a fair divorce settlement is one of the top concerns for many high networth couples. Our experienced divorce mediators will help high net worth couples to discuss their disputes and explore options for reaching an agreement.

By using a divorce mediation, couples remain in control and part of the decision-making process, which helps people to look at other ways of reaching agreement. This also helps to consider compromises for resolving disagreements.

We understand that although many disagreements may have similarities, we are all different and therefore, need specialist assistance to resolve individual issues.

At Family Mediation & Counselling Service, we offer a friendly and compassionate divorce mediation service to all. Our mediators are not biased towards one parent or the other and impartiality is maintained throughout.

Benefits of Using Divorce Mediation for High Net Worth Individuals

  • Privacy – Just like how family courts are private so no public can attend, especially if you are a High Net Worth individual, divorce mediation is also a private matter.
  • Cost-Effective – One of the obvious benefits of using High Net Worth Divorce Mediation is that you could save up to 75% by comparison when using a family lawyer. It’s often a more cost-effective method than coming to a settlement at court.
  • Reach Best Possible Outcomes – With divorce mediations, it’s less confrontational as the discussions are managed in a calm and dignified manner by the mediator. The mediator is impartial and will explore all options in order to reach a lasting agreement.


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High Net Worth Divorce Mediation
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