What is a C100 Form?

What is a C100 Form?

A C100 Form is an application to the courts requesting child care arrangements to be agreed legally in a consent order. Only a judge may issue a consent order.  Before making any application, you must prove to the judge, you have attempted mediation with your ex-partner.  You can speak directly to a local mediator today by calling 0330 113 0005

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Why Do I need a C100?

You need to complete a C100 if you want the court to issue a legally binding consent order. You can use this form if you and your ex-partner can’t agree but you must have it signed by a family mediator before the court will accept it.

Where do I get a C100 form?

You can download one from the internet (here) or we are happy to provide a printed copy.

What happens if I cannot agree arrangements with my ex-partner?

You should speak to a mediator and arrange a MIAM (Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting – Read more).  Following the meeting, your mediator will contact your ex-partner and ask them if they are willing to mediate.  If they are, then they will also be invited to attend a MIAM.  The next step will be to hold a joint meeting where you and your ex-partner begin discussing arrangements.  Your mediator will work equally with both of you to work through to an agreement.  If you cannot agree or your ex-partner refuses or ignores the invitation to mediate, then you can make an application to the courts for them to decide.

How long does it take?

We generally wait 14 days after sending an invitation following your MIAM, before we agree to sign the C100 form, if we do not hear from your ex-partner.  It can be sooner if they contact us and decline the invitation, as we will issue it immediately.  Our intention is to encourage your ex-partner to participate, as it is far better for you both to decide rather than leaving it to a judge to rule.

How much does it cost?

Mediation can be up to 75% cheaper for each parent, compared with legal services.

We have fixed fees, so you always know what to expect.  And you won’t run-up any unexpected bills as we operate a Pay As You Go service.

For a family mediator signed C100 form, our standard document signing fee is £49.00.  You will have to pay a fee to the courts to submit your application (See Court Fees here).  However, before you can request a signed C100, you must first attend a MIAM (Skype or face-to-face).

How quickly can I see a family mediator?

We will usually schedule your face-to-face MIAM appointment within 5 working days.  As a private service, we offer flexible appointment times to suit busy people.  Mornings, afternoons and evening appointments are available throughout Warwickshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands and Buckinghamshire.

It can be even quicker (and cheaper) if you choose an online MIAM using Skype or FaceTime.  If you are available, we can normally schedule an online MIAM within 24 to 36 hours and often on the same day.  No travel costs or time away from work means less cost to you.  Find out more about Skype Mediation by calling 0330 113 0005



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