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Image of a couple in a family mediation session.

How to Choose the Right Family Mediator

If you choose wisely, you are far more likely to have a successful family mediation, especially where children are involved. You will easily find family mediators listed on Google but how do you decide who can help you to reach...
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What is the Cost of Family Mediation?

There are two main types of family mediation in general. Mediation relating to divorce, which includes agreeing a financial settlement and child living and more general child arrangements or contact issues. It has become increasingly evident, that people are now...
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Image of an online conference with 3 people.

How Effective is Online Family Mediation?

Since the world changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the one thing that increased is conflict between parents. Many mediation practices have temporarily closed in response to the pandemic and those who remain and have adapted are now seeing increased...
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Image of a couple consulting a mediator.

How To Apply For A Child Arrangement Order

To apply for a child arrangement order, you will need to complete a special form called a C100 and it must be signed by an accredited family mediator before the courts will accept your application. If it is not signed,...
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Image of mediation.

Why Do I Need to Go to Mediation Before Applying to the Courts?

In nearly every situation where you have a dispute with your ex-partner, you will need to try mediation before the courts will consider hearing your matter. It doesn’t matter whether it is a child-related or a financial matter, you will...
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Image of a lawyer and a man in discussion.

Family Mediators versus Family Lawyers

So, who do you turn to when you have a dispute or disagreement over divorce finances or child matters? Do you plum for a solicitor or a mediator or both? Well, the answer to that question is not necessarily that...
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Image of a man on an online conference.

Higher Positive Outcomes from Online Mediation

There has been an unexpected benefit to lockdown for parents in mediation over child arrangements in particular. It appears even more agreements are being achieved, largely thanks to mediation being available online. The goal of any family mediator is to...
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Coronavirus: Can You Still See Your Child If They Don’t Live With You?

We are living in uncertain and worrying times. Children are particularly vulnerable and may not exactly what is going on and how it has affected all our lives. They will have more time on their hands as schools have closed...
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New Mediation Service Set to Grow

Demand Increases for Divorce & Family Mediation FMACS (The Family Mediation & Counselling Service) is responding to demands by more and more new clients in the Warwickshire and Leicestershire area.  Based on the borders between both counties, FMACS has already...
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10 Reasons why Mediation Works for Divorcing Couples

Family mediation is growing more and more in popularity as separating couples move away from the traditional route of a solicitor.  Not only can your divorce drag-on, the mounting costs can leave you and your family in the red.  Here are...
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