Having problems seeing your kids?

It is the right of every child to see their parents, both of them. If you’ve been stopped from seeing your children. Now is the time to do something!

There are all sorts of reasons why one parent stops the other from spending time with their children.  Sadly, many just put-up with it, however for those who reach-out to our Family Mediation service, contact is often reinstated quickly.

The only time a parent should be restricted from spending quality time with their children, is when there are safeguarding issues and for the vast majority of parents, safeguarding is not an issue and therefore no restrictions, should be imposed by the other parent.

When and how long you spend with your child, should be a decision made by both parents together. As your children grow older, they may also decide upon the amount of time they spend with each of you.

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Does this sound familiar?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Stopped from seeing your children
  • Your Ex makes it difficult for you to see the kids
  • All decisions about the kids are made by your Ex
  • You have been told the children don’t want to see you
  • Your Ex places conditions on who the children can see when they are with you
  • He / she has a new partner and I don’t want my kids spending time with them

These are not unusual situations many of our clients find themselves facing.  Very often, you put up with it, in case you are stopped or further restricted and that’s why many turn to us for help.

You have as much right to spend time with your children as your Ex does, so call us now and we can share very important information that will soon result in your seeing your children, without restrictions or conditions.

So What can You do?

If you’ve been stopped from seeing your children or are being told when you can, you do not have to accept this. These days, the courts are totally in favour of BOTH parents being actively involved in a child’s upbringing. Gone are the days where they favour one parent over another and so, why should it be any different for you?

In extreme cases, you may need a court to decide upon how much time you spend with your children, particularly if you and your Ex cannot agree.  Before applying to the court for a decision, they will demand that you attempt mediation first. This means making the first move. After you have contacted us and made an appointment for your MIAM (click here for more information), we do the rest. Once your MIAM is complete, we invite your Ex to mediate with you. If they accept, we will schedule their MIAM and once completed, agree a date and time for you both to attend a joint mediation meeting (JMM click here for more information).

If your Ex is unwilling to mediate, then all is not lost, as we are then able to sign a C100 Application (click here for more information), to allow you to ask the courts to decide how much time you get to spend with your children.

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