What Is The Success Rate Of Family Mediation?

The success rate for family mediation is normally very high. There are so many advantages to mediating against the other options of legal action through solicitors or the courts. Of course, achieving a high success rate is largely dependent upon each party’s willingness to participate and the skill of the mediators that can determine whether the outcome is positive or negative.

For any successful outcome, it needs both parties to agree to engage in the process. Still too often, people refuse to engage and this inevitably ends-up with court actions taking place. Anyone, who has been through the court process, will testify that it isn’t what they thought it would be. To start with, the courts really do not want to have to be the body that decides the future of a child. They would far more prefer parents to be making these decisions. However, where parents have tried to mediate and cannot agree on their own solution, then the courts will step in and make the decisions and this may not benefit either parent. The courts will take the side of the child in these matters and what they feel is best for them.


Why is there a high success rate for Family Mediation?

Well, the simple answer is that, if you have the right mediator, they will help you to not only have difficult conversations with each other, they will also help you to explore other options for reaching a lasting solution. Other factors include that since the world was plunged into a major pandemic, because of Covid-19, all family mediation is now conducted online rather than face-to-face. Family mediators are finding that this reduces potential conflict and more importantly, the anxieties for most who would have previously been faced with the prospect of sitting in a room in close proximity to their ex-partner. This is currently a thing of the past and people are meeting in the comfort and security of their own homes and without ever having to face their ex in person.

The skill of the family mediator is a major factor in reaching an agreement. They will ensure the environment for talking is optimal, safe and balanced. They will ask some difficult questions at times, to ensure that the other party fully understands the position of the other. Whilst impartiality is the cornerstone of how they operate, many family mediators will admit to being biased towards the children involved in the matter, not they will ever meet them. They will ensure that each party does not lose sight of the fact that, often, the primary reason for mediating is due to some disagreement around children.


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