What is Divorce Day and How will April’s Changes Impact on Divorce?

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Typically the first working Monday after the New Year is the day divorce lawyers dread as they see a huge spike in new enquiries for legal advice related to divorce, marital and family problems. As a result, the day has been labelled as Divorce Day.

The reason for the increases is usually due to the stress or money troubles which arise from the Christmas period resulting in relationship breakdowns. In recent years the impact of home working and stress caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns and social restrictions have exacerbated this.

Prior to this April coming under the current system for a couple to divorce quickly there has been a requirement for one or both to cite unreasonable behaviour or adultery from their partner. However, many couples are often in agreement that a divorce is a sensible option and wish to dissolve their marriage with no animosity.


Changes coming into Law in April 2022

This year’s changes in April relate to how legal clients can be advised in relation to divorce application. For the first time ever from April the law will allow couples in the UK to divorce without the requirement for blame to be cited.

The changes will mean divorce can be made a joint decision in a calm manner and also help with their ability to come to an agreement on child custody arrangements if they have children. In addition, one spouse won’t be able to defend a divorce if they are trying to prevent a divorce taking place. Usually, one spouse may try and defend a divorce in order to drive legal fees higher for the other spouse or in order to cause more emotional distress.


Mediation – A Different Option

An alternative to going through a divorce before or after April is mediation. At FMACS we provide online family mediation services for couples looking to divorce which even with the new laws coming into place can save couples thousands in legal fees. If you wish to speak with one of our highly-trained and experienced family mediators then please call us now or you can complete our ‘Request a Call Back’ form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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