What Can I Do If I Am Denied Access To My Child?

If you are being denied access to your child, you need to act quickly. Family mediation can help to re-establish contact and often quickly. A large majority of family mediation cases are child-related and due to access being denied or restricted. Other than for safeguarding a child, neither parent should deny access to the other parent. Remember, it is the right of the child to see the parent. This means if a parent stops a child from seeing the other parent, then they are denying their child’s rights. Unfortunately, where disagreements arise between separated parents, children are often caught in the crossfire despite being the innocent party. When conflict arises and the dispute cannot be resolved between themselves, family mediation is logical next step. It also means that, if the issues cannot be resolved through mediation, then an application to the courts can be made. However, the aim of family mediation is to circumvent the needs for legal action.


How Mediation Can Help

Choosing family mediation to help find a solution is a prudent move. The success rate for solving disputes between parents is well over 90% for most experienced family mediation practices. Not only is it a low-cost option when compared to employing a family lawyer, but the likelihood is also that a family mediator will still need to be a part of the process, particularly when an agreement cannot be reached. The need to have attempted mediation is necessary, even if the other party does not engage in the process before the C100 court form can be signed by an accredited family mediator. Courts will reject any applications that do not have the necessary page signed-off by a family mediator and a lawyer is not qualified to sign the form unless of course they too are qualified mediators.


Benefits of Online Mediation

Family mediation is now online and is likely to remain so for some time to come. Since the devastation of Covid-19, hit the world and everyone was locked-down, it meant that people are now more at ease communicating using video links. The likes of Zoom have become recognised brands almost overnight as they cater to any number of friends, family and colleagues to be able to see each other and communicate freely. Family mediators are recognising that people are more comfortable sitting in front of a webcam when it comes to meeting with a mediator, they are also feeling more safe and secure by not having to meet face-to-face with their ex-partner. It is also much easier, cheaper and more convenient to meet online from the comfort the home environment. All this means that appointments are quicker to obtain and therefore the issue can be resolved more quickly.

The Family Mediation & Counselling Services consistently achieve success rates in excess of 90% in child matters. They offer fast appointments, same day or next day and convenient times between 9am and 8pm.


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