Walsall Counselling Service & Family Mediation

Family mediation Walsall aims to provide affordable and peaceful resolution for couples in conflict regarding family or financial matters. Our Counselling Walsall service mainly deals with child contact, living arrangements and financial issues that may arise from a divorce or separation. Our experts are keen to support you in all areas while answering any questions you may have.

We can help with:

  • Child contact arrangements
  • Child maintenance disputes
  • Living arrangements, education, medical arrangements
  • Applications for parental responsibility for fathers
  • Grandparents seeing their grandchildren
  • Divorce financial settlements, including disclosures
  • Separation agreements for unmarried couples
  • General family disputes

Helping You

If you are currently in dispute with your ex-partner, we can help you with any of the following:

  • Being stopped from seeing your children
  • Contact is being restricted or agreements being broken
  • Disagreement over properties, pensions and debts
  • Disputes over financial support for children

Family mediation Walsall is a cost-effective and time-saving method of resolving disputes without having to take the issue to court.

Mediation is often required prior to obtaining a court order for child or financial matters. Financial matters rarely get approved without mediation having first taken place. So why not consider contacting our Walsall counselling service team to solve your issues?


Local, Easy & Convenient

Our Walsall Counselling Service is open between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Since the pandemic, our counselling Walsall team have been carrying out online sessions to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Conducting sessions online offers unique benefits such as:

  • Faster appointments to get quicker positive results
  • Mediate from the comfort and security of your own home
  • Flexible appointment times, including evenings
  • No need to face your ex-partner in the same room
  • Shuttle mediation is available, so you never have to see or speak directly with your ex-partner.
  • Lower cost as there are no fuel or transport costs
  • No need to lose time from work or arrange childcare
  • You need either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Our family mediation Walsall team can provide support and advice on a range of subjects such as child contact, living arrangements and financial issues. Our professionals always provide an impartial view and suggest the best course of action to reach a compromise between the two parties.

If you would like to contact our counselling Walsall team, call us at 0330 113 0005 or send us an email on our contact form.


About Walsall

In Walsall, family mediation has played a crucial role in helping the community by reducing tension and promoting understanding among family members. By providing a safe and neutral space for communication, counselling Walsall service has helped families find peaceful resolutions to their conflicts, leading to stronger relationships and healthier dynamics within households.

In addition, Walsall counselling service has positively impacted the wider community by reducing the burden on the court system. By resolving disputes outside of court, Walsall counselling service helps alleviate the strain on the legal system and allows for a quicker and more efficient resolution of conflicts.

Walsall Counselling Service & Family Mediation
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