How Effective is Online Family Mediation?

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Since the world changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the one thing that increased is conflict between parents. Many mediation practices have temporarily closed in response to the pandemic and those who remain and have adapted are now seeing increased demand.

Moving family mediation online has seen many benefits emerge and one that particularly stands out is that people are more comfortable with the prospect of not meeting their ex-partners face-to-face in a room. They still see the other person, but this is from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Those mediation services who recognise the values of providing quality customer service are also modifying their work practices by offering more flexibility for online meetings. Early morning and late evening appointments are gathering momentum as it means for those parents who are caring for children, can schedule meetings whilst the children are sleeping. Feedback also suggests that people are far more comfortable mediating, especially where communication with an ex-partner has been strained or is non-existent.


The Effects of Online Family Mediation

Positive outcomes are on the up as well. Many services are seeing parents being able to agree more readily and whilst the exact reasons are still unclear, it is believed that the reduced stress and anxiety associated with the prospect of having to be in the same room as an ex-partner, is having a positive impact. Some services offered online family mediation prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 and many resisted because they did not want to use online video meeting facilities but Zoom has now become a buzz-word associated with the pandemic as for many it is the only way to maintain contact with friends and loved ones. Additionally, for initial intake meetings or MIAMs, many services allow also offer FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype, making it even easier to connect.


Benefits of Online Family Mediation

The question still remains as to whether face-to-face mediations will take place again in the foreseeable future. Given the potential risks of contracting Covid-19 which could result in fatal consequences, many services are considering the future online. Equally, it is not only the risk to the client, the same risk extends to the mediator. Fortunately, online family mediation is one of those important services that can continue to function and help families in dispute. Some family mediators have even reduced their fees, as overheads have reduced as they do not need to hire meeting rooms or spend time and money travelling.

One such company is the Family Mediation and Counselling Services who have reduced their fees by up to 20%, making family mediation an even cheaper option. They have also increased their hours for meeting clients. Appointments as late as 10.00pm are available to ensure children are safely tucked away in bed. They have also expanded across the whole of England and Wales from their original base of operations which was Warwickshire and the West Midlands.


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