Higher Positive Outcomes from Online Mediation

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There has been an unexpected benefit to lockdown for parents in mediation over child arrangements in particular. It appears even more agreements are being achieved, largely thanks to mediation being available online.

The goal of any family mediator is to help ex-partners hold difficult discussions concerning their children and reach lasting agreements as a result. A skilled family mediator is crucial to every success, as is the willingness of ex-partners to fully engage in the mediation. Other key factors are now beginning to emerge that it is believed contribute to successful agreements being achieved.

Before lockdown, it was custom and practice for family mediators to meet clients face-to-face, but that is no longer possible, without risk, during the pandemic. At the time the government issued restrictions on travel and social gatherings, much of the mediation closed down, except for a few who already offered online mediation. Whilst new enquiries dried-up during the first two weeks of lockdown, it soon changed with the majority of calls being about child contact.


Benefits of Online Mediation Services

The switch to online, for many, has bought many benefits, chief amongst them is that all participants are able to join from the comfort and safety of their homes. It is believed, this is contributing to the increase in reaching successful agreements. With online mediation, people are more relaxed, although often a little anxious at the beginning of a mediation meeting involving their ex-partner, this soon disappears, as long as the rules are followed.

All forms of family mediation are private and confidential processes. It is necessary to agree terms with both parties before any discussions take place. Family mediators will ask each client to sign an Agreement to Mediate, which sets out the terms and conditions of the process and an agreement to maintain confidentiality. This involves clients find a place at home, where they will not be disturbed or interrupted before the mediation can begin.

Since lockdown began, people have naturally found ways to keep in touch with family and friends. For most, Zoom was unheard of, before, but is now an instant global brand, thanks mainly to there being free version available to all. Zoom was pretty big beforehand and mainly used by businesses. This has helped family mediators, particularly for a mediation meeting involving a minimum of three participants. Initial meetings or MIAMs (Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings) can also be conducted using WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype, as there is generally only one client and the mediator.

The other advantage of online family mediation is that appointments can be scheduled quickly and conveniently, depending on the service you choose.


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