What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

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Traditionally, couples who plan to divorce will visit a family lawyer first and yet more often these days, they either opt for a DIY divorce or if they are unable to reach agreement, they turn to a family divorce mediator. The DIY method can save thousands of pounds in legal costs so long as both parties can agree. Using solicitors to negotiate a settlement or arrangements for the children can be a drawn-out and very costly way of beginning a divorce.

If a couple can’t reach an agreement, then there may only be two options available to them. The first is to ask the courts to decide on a fair financial settlement and or arrangements for the children. However, before an application to the court can be made, an attempt to resolve the issues through mediation is a requirement. If mediation fails, a family mediator must sign-off the appropriate court forms to confirm an attempt at mediation has been tried. Courts will not accept any applications that do not have an accredited family mediator’s signature. So, what are the benefits of divorce mediation?


The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

There are numerous benefits for using the divorce mediation process, none less than the cost and speed for completing the mediation. Unlike solicitors, mediators tend to charge on a fixed fee basis and generally only charge for meetings and any resulting documentation.

Cost-Effective – A typical divorce mediation can cost as low as £300 per person. This will include a MIAM for each party and a joint mediation meeting as well as a Memorandum of Understanding. Some mediations may require two or more meetings, which will add approximately £150 per person to the overall cost.

If you compare using a solicitor to handle the case, they will often quote several thousand pounds to reach a conclusion and will want a retainer before they begin any work. Mediators normally offer a pay as go offer. Also, with mediation, there is no prospect of receiving a hefty final invoice. Mediators do not normally charge for correspondence, phone calls and emails, it is usually included in the fixed fees.

Shorter Process – Time can be a factor and again, divorce mediation comes out on top. Many mediations take a matter of days or a few weeks to complete. This is obviously dependent on both clients being available and willing to mediate. The process is very simple in that each person has an individual MIAM followed by a joint meeting. The actual time spent mediating and reaching agreement is only a few hours. Once agreement is reached, the family divorce mediator will summarise the outcomes, ready for a financial agreement to be prepared by a solicitor and submission to the court as a part of the divorce process.

May Not Need The Court – One of the biggest advantages for divorce mediation is that it often removes the needs to go to court and battle it out. This is where a divorce can be become very expensive and may cost tens of thousands of pounds to reach an outcome. Divorce mediation can cost by comparison from around £300 per person to reach the same outcome.


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