Islington Family Mediation & Counselling Service

Welcome to the Islington Family Mediation and Counselling Service! We offer an experienced team of local mediators who are here to help you and your family with child contact, living arrangements, or financial matters in regards to divorce or separation. Our highly trained professionals provide quick appointments so that disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently – all within the bounds of our service area: Islington. Look no further for a reliable source of mediation assistance.

We can help with:

  • Child contact arrangements
  • Child maintenance disputes
  • Living arrangements, education, medical arrangements
  • Applications for parental responsibility for fathers
  • Grandparents seeing their grandchildren
  • Divorce financial settlements including disclosures
  • Separation agreements for unmarried couples
  • General family disputes


Helping You

If you are currently in dispute with your ex-partner any of the following:

  • Being stopped from seeing your children
  • Contact is being restricted or agreements being broken
  • Disagreement over properties, pensions and debts
  • Disputes over financial support for children

Our experienced team can help you begin discovering solutions and negotiating agreements to avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings. If a court order is desired, it’s essential to first explore mediation before filing an application for child or financial matters in the courts.


Local, Easy & Convenient

To keep everyone safe, our Islington service is now only available online from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 8.00pm. We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of successful cases which have been solved virtually during this time – it appears that people feel more at ease meeting via an online platform since COVID-19 began! Moreover, there are plenty of other benefits associated with mediated meetings over video call such as:

  • Faster appointments to get quick positive results
  • Mediate from the comfort and security of your own home
  • Flexible appointment times including evenings
  • No need to face your ex-partner in the same room
  • Shuttle mediation is available so you never have to see or speak directly with your ex-partner.
  • Lower cost as there are no fuel or transport costs
  • No need to lose time from work or arrange childcare
  • You just need either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Get in contact with us at Islington Family Mediation Services on 0330 113 0005 and be connected to a local advisor who can provide you with everything you need to decide if mediation is right for your family. Our advisors will happily answer any of your questions, and we’ll arrange for an appointment quickly so that you can speak directly to one of our experienced family mediators.


About Islington

Islington is a borough of London, England. It encompasses the area of Finsbury and Holloway to the north; St Pancras and Kings Cross to the east; Clerkenwell, Farringdon, and Smithfield to the south; and Highbury, Canonbury, Barnsbury, and Hoxton to the west. It also includes beautiful parks like Highbury Fields Park which is known for its stunning views of central London.

The area has a long history that dates back to Roman times when it was first settled by those who built many large villas in an area now known as Islington Green. Since then it has gone through several different stages of development with numerous large estates being replaced by small terraced housing.

Today, Islington is home to a wide variety of people including families, students and young professionals. The borough has a lively nightlife with many bars, pubs and restaurants as well as plenty of museums and galleries. It is also known for its cultural diversity which can be found in the markets selling food from around the world and its large range of independent shops that offer unique products.

Islington Family Mediation & Counselling Service
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