Same Day MIAM Available

Sometimes we have to react quickly, particularly when a dispute or conflicts arises. For many parents, it is often some form of restricted contact with the children being imposed by the other parent or you may have been stopped from seeing them altogether. Acting swiftly, can often get things back to normal.

Our Same Day MIAM Service, has been requested by clients, so that action can be taken quickly. We can often arrange a Same Day MIAM online. This means within a few short hours, you can have completed your MIAM. We will then make immediate contact with the other party and so begin getting back to normal.

If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our Mediation Advisors, please call 0330 113 0005 now and reserve your appointment.

Same Day MIAM Available

Advantages to Online Family Mediation

Online Family Mediation achieves the same results as traditional face-to-face mediation and there are many more advantages to online.

  • Stay in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Save time as there is no travel required
  • Save money on fuel, fares and parking
  • Feel secure in your own place
  • No need to meet your Ex in person
  • More flexible appointment times (up to 10.00pm)
  • No need to miss work or other important events
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How it works

Once you have spoken to a Mediation Advisor, they will take your details and book a slot with one of our local Family Mediators. You will receive a link to our secure and private online mediation system together with a time to logon (You won’t have to download any apps or login using your email), you will be connected directly to your Family Mediator.

Your online MIAM will take between 30-50 minutes to complete. You will need to provide contact details for the person you wish to mediate with (address, email, telephone). If you haven’t got these, then don’t worry, your Family Mediator will advise. You will also tell us about any children you have including their names and date of birth. Then you will simply explain why you are seeking family mediation. Your Family Mediator will discuss all the options available to you including what will happen should the other person not wish to mediate. They will explain the process for making an application to the court and can provide the necessary signed court forms (Click here for more details).

After you have finished your online MIAM, your Family Mediator will then make contact with the other party……………..

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