Helping Dads’ to see their Kids

Sadly more and more Dads are contacting our service to seek advice about child contact. As 2018 is now well underway, we have seen a dramatic increase following the festive season.  Whilst an increase is often expected at this time of year, it appears more couples will end-up in court asking a judge to decide what contact is awarded to the father.  Potentially there are no winners in this scenario.

Having a judge decide, means you both lose the right determine what is best for your children.  Courts demand you seek mediation before requesting they intervene.  You will still need to contact a mediator as you will have to have page 9 of the C100 Application Form signed by an accredited Family Mediator. So mediation is the first stop unless that is, you choose legal representation to achieve what could be the same outcome.  Using a solicitor is not only adversarial, it is likely to take a lot longer and be considerably more expensive.  Even a solicitor should suggest mediation as an alternative to the court process.

Either way, Dad’s often end-up contacting our service to help re-establish contact or to renegotiate existing arrangements.  It is then our aim to make contact with Mum and hopefully persuade her of the many benefits of mediation.  However, all too often they refuse or simply do not respond to requests.  We take careful measures to ensure they know that we work in an unbiased and non-judgemental way and that everything, without exception, that is discussed during mediation, remains confidential.

Wherever possible, we ask Dad’s to contact their ex-partners to try and encourage them to participate in mediation.  Often though, this is not possible, as the relationship may have broken-down entirely.  This is another good reason for mediating, as it very often gets estranged couples talking again and often ends-up with improved relations between both parents.

If you are experiencing problems trying to see your children, then why not call and get some expert advice from one of our Family Mediators.  Call 0330 113 0005 today and discuss your situation with your local mediator.  We have mediators ready to help in Nuneaton, Coventry, Sutton Coldfield, Hinckley, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Rugby.

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