Is Mediation right for you?

It might be that mediation is not right for you in your situation. To make sure though, it is best to get some advice. If you are unsure, as many people are, then for the sake of a quick chat with one our experienced advisors, you will be able to decide which option suits you.

We have built our reputation on open transparent and honest dialogue. If we feel mediation is not suitable, we will help you identify the best way forward. Whilst mediation is a very powerful option for settling family disputes, such as child contact arrangements, financial settlements and contact for grandparents, there are many other options available to you.

Many people contact their solicitors for initial advice and guidance and we fully support this, however, this can be a very expensive and time consuming way of reaching agreement. It is also likely that if your case needs to go to court, you will have to meet with a mediator in order to have your court papers signed-off, so you can make an official application. Any application, other than for emergency hearings, must be signed by an accredited family mediator.

There may be other courses of action, including making an emergency application, particularly if you feel you or your children could be in threat of physical or emotional harm. We will help guide through the process.

It might be that you wish to take your ex-partner to court, so you will need consult with either a solicitor or a family mediator. A solicitor will have to refer you to our service such as ours as they are not qualified to sign-off the correct official paperwork. We also offer a ‘Fast Track’ service, where we can arrange your consultation on the same day or next day and you will receive sign court papers within 2 hours of your meeting. (cloick)

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