Mediation enquiries relating to child arrangements generally see more dads approach our service than moms, but the difference is minimal. When it comes to financial matters relating to divorce or child support, enquiries from mothers is slightly higher. Family mediators are often in a dilemma when it comes to enquiries from mothers because often it relates to the unreliability of fathers towards their children. So, are family mediators able to help? Well, the easy answer is yes and let me explain why.

We have hundreds of conversations with mothers every year. One overriding factor is that many come to us out of shear frustration. We can almost predict the conversation, after only a few minutes of chatting. ‘He is so unreliable’, ‘he never turns-up on time or cancels with very short notice’ or ‘he turns-up and expects to take the kids’. These are typical discussions we have and this how we can help.

How does mediation help?

Through the mediation process, the aim is to manage a conversation between parents, in this case fathers.

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