Finance & Property Settlements

Finding Agreement through Financial Mediation

Reaching a finance and property settlement is important. When a relationship ends, it is inevitable that your finances and that of your ex-partner will be in some way tied-in together. You may co-own your home, a business or investments and these now need to divided between you, to enable you to separate financially as well as emotionally.

If you are a divorcing couple, you will need to satisfy the courts, as part of your divorce, that you have reached a financial settlement. If children are involved, the courts will also want to know that adequate financial provision is being made for the children. There may also be a settlement required in relation to your pensions.

For unmarried couples planning to separated, the laws are not as strict but you will still want to find agreement and settle amicably.

How we can help?

We offer a full disclosure and mediation service for finance and property settlements. We help you gather the right documents and provide the factual information needed to draft a financial order to submit as part of your divorce process. It can speed-up your divorce if completed quickly.

Once we have the information, we will produce an Open Statement of Financial Information for you. This document contains all your joint financial information, together with supporting statements, valuations and certificates. You are now ready to meet with your ex-partner to discuss a settlement agreement.

Our experienced family mediators will guide you through the process of discussing options for reaching agreement on property, pensions and other valuables as well as debts and how they will be managed. Once an agreement is reached, your mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding (link) which will confirm the division of assets and liabilities, ready to hand to your lawyer, for a financial to be drafted.

What to do next

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