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Do you need advice about child contact arrangements?

Has your ex stopped you from seeing your children?

Do you need to change an existing child contact agreement?

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Mediation is helping thousands of couples to reach positive outcomes childcare, contact orders and child support issues.  As the judiciary now demand people seek mediation before they approach Court, more and more people are turning to mediation to agree their own settlement and child contact arrangements.

Mediation gets positive results faster and at the fraction of the cost of solicitors.

Speak to a Family Mediator today for free, no obligation advice. Call 0330 113 0005 to be connected to your local office.

The Family Mediation & Counselling Services (FMACS) is a Local Family Mediation Practice with independent bases across Warwickshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.  Each base is staffed by local professional mediators with many years’ experience of helping people to resolve their differences.

Our services are delivered by qualified professional mediators, all of whom have trained as specialists in Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution.  Here are some of the areas we help our clients to resolve:

Divorce & Separation
Childcare Arrangements
Child Support Payments
Family Conflict
Relationship (family) disputes
Financial Settlements
Property settlements
Pension agreements
Parent & Child disagreements
Inheritance disputes
Relationship counselling


Mediation helps in many ways.  Here are just a few examples:

Time – Resolve Quickly using Mediation

You will be able to settle disputes, agree child arrangements and reach a financial settlement quickly and without the need for legal intervention.  Using a legal service, such as a solicitor, may mean your case will take months to conclude and then it might still require the courts to make a judgment.

Using mediation, the process can start the same day or within a couple of days of your call or email.  We have many instances of helping couples to reach agreement and settlement within a month of contacting our service.  One of the many benefits of using the Family Mediation & Counselling Service is that we offer evening and weekend appointments, making it convenient for you to attend meetings.

Call us to find out how quickly your situation can be resolved on 0330 113 0005

Cost – Save £0000’s on Legal Fees

The cost of using a solicitor can spiral, especially when agreement can’t be reached using written correspondence, which is often the process.  Your solicitor writes to your ex’s solicitor, they then need to take advice and reply, often with a counter-proposal, and so the process drags-on.  It is often usual for a law firm to request that you deposit hundred’s of pounds before they will begin the work.  Once started, the deposit you left, can get eaten away very quickly and it may not be long before you are asked to make another deposit.

Using mediation, you will know where you stand with fees.  The Family Mediation & Counselling Service will happily provide an estimate of costs for your case.  We offer fixed-fees for each of the services we provide (Click Here to see our Fees).  For our Clients who are on lower incomes and who do not qualify for Legal Aid, we offer a reduction of 25% from our standard fees (Click Here for more details).

Call us to find out how much you can save using mediation on 0330 113 0005 to speak to a local mediator


Deciding whether mediation is something that you feel may help your current situation, is easy.  Our advisors are on hand to talk you through the options and the process.  We offer a Pre-Mediation Consultation that gathers all the facts and details about the person you want to mediate with.  Following your consultation, we will make contact with your ex-partner / spouse and invite them to mediate with you, taking care of all correspondence, administration and arrangements.  If you would like to know more about Pre-Mediation Consultations please click here.

Or simply telephone us on 0330 113 0005 (Local Rate Call) and speak to one of our Mediators.

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